My soul is no longer my own…

Posted by Arriahne on December 15th, 2009 filed in Manifest

In the words of Mr. Bernshaw I have been absorbed into the collective… In other words, I have joined the committee to organise the best anime festival in Melbourne, hell, the best anime festival in Australia (in my opinion at least… that said I have yet to attend another convention or festival interstate, so my opinion may be a little bit one sided…)
Anyway, this year I was a volunteer there and had a great time. I met some wonderful people and basically decided that I should sign on for a more hands on role, even if that means I’m just a lackey, but I figured I could help.
But wait, they don’t just run an anime festival, they’re also throwing what promises to be a kick ass New Years Eve party called Solstone. I’m going, and in costume no less. You should come too!! Go and buy tickets now!!

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